Cyclone Screens 

While the need for cyclone and debris protection in the cyclonic region of Australia has never been stronger, the good news is there’s now a cyclone and debris impact screen solution to protect your home and business.

Our ClearShield residential and commercial cyclone window screens are a stand-alone cyclone screen solution that does not require the need for expensive additional debris impact glass to be fully compliant to the requirements of the new Australian Standard.

ClearShield cyclone and debris impact window screens are available in 3 levels of performance, which includes the cyclone screen, hurricane screen and incredibly strong tornado screen.

Cyclone-Resistant Commercial Window Screens

Independently tested to the highest level of compliance required in AS1170.2011, ClearShield’s tornado screen withstands the large missile impact test at 44m/s. This incredible feat of engineering demonstrates a screen that can resist a 4kg piece of hardwood travelling at 158km/h that equates to around 3800 joules of impact energy!

This test is equivalent to a piece of debris weighing 4kg being propelled by a wind gust of around 390km/h!

Independent test reports on these cyclone screens confirm the strength of the product and that it meets the highest level of requirements for debris impact in the AS1170.2.2011 standard.

With these tests and results in mind, our cyclone-resistant screens are the ideal option for businesses looking for high-performing commercial window screens in cyclone and tornado prone areas across Australia. Our ClearShield cyclone commercial window screens are available to view at all three of our showrooms across Perth, Karratha and Darwin.

Hinged and Sliding Cyclone Doors

ClearShield has also developed a suite of hinged and sliding doors that have been tested to withstand incredible levels of impact load as prescribed under AS1170.2.2011.

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