Custom Glazed Glass

Watch any ‘Grand Designs’ style TV show and the transforming moment of any new build is when the glass goes in. As glazing technology continues to improve, we’re seeing glass become the cornerstone of modern building design.

Types of Glass

There are many glass and glazing options available to property owners these days, including:

  • Float Glass
  • Laminate Glass
  • Double-glazed Glass
  • Toughened Glass.

Each has its unique properties and end-uses, and at Profix, we’ve found StormShield cyclone-rated glass to be a popular choice here in Western Australia. StormShield is a laminated glass that is resistant to high winds and flying debris. Even when it shatters, the laminate holds the glass together, eliminating the hazards of glass shards.

Glass for New Builds

A new house or commercial building provides great opportunities to install high-performance windows, such as double glazing or toughened glass. As the demand for more efficient, sustainable housing grows, we’re likely to see more homes fitted with double glazing. The initial cost is higher, but over time the savings gain through lower heating and power bills justifies the expense. Commercial builds also strive for maximum efficiency and need to meet high safety standards. Where safety is concerned, laminated or toughened glass glazing is a must. Where privacy is a requirement, we can provide tinted glass options for you.

Glass Installation

At Profix we do custom and one-off glazed glass work for projects big and small. 

For all it’s good looks—glass can still be a tricky material to work with, and that’s where it pays to bring in the professional glass glazing contractors at Profix. Old glazing can often be fragile and must be handled with care. Our glass and glazing contractors can remove and replace old glass panes safely and provide you with a new glass product that looks good and performs well.

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