Security Mesh Doors

Put through rigorous performance testing, our mesh security fly screens and doors are designed to protect against severe weather and extreme physical impact. ClearShield uses a unique perforated stainless-steel sheet that makes up the main component in our security mesh doors and screens. Superior in many ways to any standard security mesh product, the perforated sheet allows for easy and quick cleaning, unlike mesh which has very small, hard to clean cavities trapping dust and dirt.

Another advantage of the stainless-steel perforated sheet is strength. ClearShield has tested its residential product to withstand a minimum of 5 times the requirements for dynamic impact and knife shear under AS5041 testing criteria.

ClearShield has been protecting Perth and Western Australian homes for 30 years with their patented stainless-steel mesh technology. If you’d like to find out more about our security mesh doors and fly screens.

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