Window Security Screens 

ClearShield’s window security screen products are made from a single flat sheet of perforated stainless steel that is smooth and sturdy. This unique security screen design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind knowing they are safe in their homes behind one of Australia’s most recognised and reputable window security screens.

Made to measure and colour matched to your home, ClearShield stainless steel security screens for windows and doors are available in a fixed option or you can also choose to include our easy-to-use emergency exit screens which come in a wide range of powder-coated frame finishes. Our stainless steel security window exit screens also come fitted with a safe escape feature, providing you with window security, whilst allowing you to open your window in an emergency situation.


Stay Protected with Stainless Steel Window Screens Today

The ClearShield stainless steel security screens have been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results each time. ClearShield also offer a wide range of stainless steel security screen doors across Perth and Australia wide.


Innovative Window Security & Emergency Exit Screens

ClearShield is proudly the leading manufacturer of exceptional quality window security screens in Perth that go above and beyond Australian standards. Our state-of-the-art, patented window screen system is made from sheets of heavy-duty, perforated stainless steel that are unmatched in quality, strength and performance.

Award-Winning Window Security

ClearShield provides the ultimate solution in window security. Nothing comes close to the superior look of ClearShield’s award-winning unique stainless steel security screens. Unlike other security window screens that use woven mesh products which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield’s security screens feature a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel security screen sheet that is burglar resistant from a knife attack and not to mention, appealing to look at.

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